At LRC our specialty is drag racing chassis fabrication and componentsy. The company’s goal is to provide quality fabrication in our chassis design and construction, that stands above the rest. We use the cutting edge of techniques and chassis development on all of our product offerings. No matter what chassis you need, you can be assured if we build it you'll have the best there is available today!


Beatle's Beretta!



Candies Family 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang!
The Mustang is fresh back from paint and interior and ready for the build to continue. Click the link below to see the gallery and get an inside peek into a future LRC racecar!



We will be offering a gallery area for our new chassis as they are finished, watch this area for new additions on a regular basis.

Area features- photos, information and more on these new LCR race cars!


Our innovative engineering techniques, superior materials that we use, and unmatched attention to detail result in a finished product that we feel cannot be beat. We make sure our customer is getting the finest product available on everything we build.

LRC offers a broad selection of chassis designs to accommodate various sizes and styles of vehicles. Each chassis can be purchases with several suspension and frame options, adding a degree of flexibility that are unmatched by other manufacturers.

You can contact us for our advice on which chassis is right for your needs. We have the experience to offer our clients the most competitive chassis available. We won't try to force the latest untested wild idea at you, instead you'll benefit from our experience and leave with a known winning product.

LRC chassis include a complete "Turn Key Chassis Option" for every chassis we offer. Each Turn Key chassis comes with a TRE Racing Engine, all you have to do is install a driver and you are good to go racing!

Whether you need a new chassis built, updates to your existing car, or modifications to bring your racecar into IHRA or NHRA compliance, LRC's fabrication shop can help you to get the best performance from your vehicle.


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