Many Chassis builders claim to offer Turn Key race cars & when you take a closer look you'll often see they are missing a critical component -the engine! When they do include an engine in their offerings it's generally a low power budget based motor at best.
Not at LRC when we do a Turn Key for you -you are getting a TRE Racing Engine that makes huge power and is a proven winner!

TRE Racing Engines builds a wide variety of engine types. So, no matter what type of racing you do, or what type of chassis you decide to have LRC build for you. We can match your racing engine needs perfectly for your new Turn Key race car.

From an all steel motors, to a complete all aluminum motors are available. ProStock, Pro-mod, Super Stock, Australian Pro stock and any other race motor you can imagine. Any cubic inch, nitrous motors, blower motors, turbo motors, or just naturally aspirated motors.

The TRE Racing Engine web site has a full listing of the engines currently available. In addition to the engine info on the site, you will also find dyno sheets as well as the wide variety of engine options available for each engine.

Custom TRE Heads, We have our own CNC programs to run on many different cylinder head applications, depending on what we are trying to achieve for the client.

TRE has a huge amount of customers racing & winning all over the country and in other countries as well. TRE engines have a long history with our clients dominating at all levels of competition.


We invite you to visit the web site, take a look around and then contact us to discuss your needs!


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