When it comes to services for racers, some chassis builders turn down the everyday Joe Racer, thinking their needs are too small to bother with. Not at LRC! We know every racer needs top of the line services just like the big dogs. From a simple chassis update to meet rules changes, a street racer going serious racing needing a backhalf chassis mod, to a roll cage for a fast street machine -we do it all and we do it right on every job!

Custom LRC headers!

Click the link below to see our custom stainless steel headers gallery and learn how to get a set for your engine!


Weld in Roll Bar kit for the 2000 and up Mustangs!

The same kit we install in the world fastest 2010 Mustangs we do for Strictly Performance. Offered in a you weld it on kit for $1495 or a LRC installed kit complete for $1995, chrome bars are an option also for another $300. LRC also offers complete Turbo installs, Procharger installs, and much more!


Drag race chassis offerings: Custom built, full body, tube chassis. Complete Turn-key cars: Featuring TRE Race Engines.
Front half Types: A-arm, strut, or stock type available. Back half: Stock type, ladder bar, or four link.
Older Chassis Updates: Update your chassis to today's standards. Exhaust headers: Custom built, stainless steel or mild steel.
Suspension systems: Front and rear, custom fabricated in-house. Custom rear: Axle housings, Stock type to sheet metal housings
Wiring & Plumbing: We can custom wire your entire car. Interiors: Custom steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.
Compliance experts: NHRA and IHRA and SFI specifications. Legal Chassis & Cages: Guaranteed to certify with NHRA and IHRA.
Accident Repair: Chassis, body or suspension. Setups: We use our computerized scales & special techniques.

Custom Header Fabrication

Front Suspension Design and Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Rearends

Custom Interiors, Aluminum to Carbon Fiber

Accident Repair / Body Updates

Bodywork installation

Full Roll cage installation. We know all the rules and how they apply to your race car. We can build a cage or a car to meet whatever requirements you might have.

Custom Header Fabrication: A time consuming job that takes skill and a drive for perfection -we do em! Need a custom set made to fit just right and still make big power? Right this way, we can create the right style and make horsepower at the same time.

Ready to move up from that stock style front suspension? We can build whatever type of suspension you are looking for. The lightest styles to a custom one off front end, we can design, build and install every type you may need and do it to meet all sanctioning body rules.

Rear ends -we offer custom made sheetmetal rear housings, right along with the style of rear end just right for your race car. The components we use when setting up your rear suspension are top of the line and perfectly matched for your particular setup. If the style is used by drag racers, we know how to make it work for you.

Interiors -many builders shy away from doing the interiors of race cars. For the best fit and function, it takes a craftsman to make everything go together just right. Whether it's aluminum or carbon fiber you can get it done with us.

Repair work, replacement panel or bodywork. At LRC we can fix our bent ride, or replace that damaged body, when it comes to race cars we do it all for our clients.

Safety Updates -We can take a outdated chassis and update it to meet all the safety rules no matter the sanctioning body. We can build you a exact chassis to meet the rules if need be.

Setup and Scaling. We know how to set up all race chassis, no matter what the class or division you may compete in. We can setup and align your chassis to launch harder and run faster down any race track out there. Hooking the power to the track is a vital, if it's not launching the car down the track it's going up in smoke instead, we know all the "tricks of the trade" to get you using everything thing your engine has to give.

Custom Jobs, we've been known to tackle the most unusual client requests. From custom wheelie bars to parachute mounting we can fix you up. No racers needs are too small of a project for us. Have something in mind you haven't seen done before -fill us in! We enjoy a challenge and we are always willing to hear what our clients have in mind.

Street Machines, We've also been known to tackle custom street machine modifications and sleeper street machine work. Need your street machine tubbed, but stock looking on the outside? Need a full cage for your street machine that the girlfriend can slide into without tearing her hose? Need a nitrous system installed and setup to make the most power? You get the drift... We can fix you right up!



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