Shop Staff: Brian Madman

Lastor Race Cars is proud to announce a great key addition to our chassis fab shop, Brian Madman Jeffery... Available for everything he is famous for over a 30 year career in the chassis and fabrication business. Complete turn key race cars, custom chassis fab and completion, headers, chassis setups, Private label Mad Man chassis components, race track assistance and tuning.

Shop Staff: Neil Burgin

Neil Burgin is a key asset to Lastor Race Cars, 35 years of complete turn key race building, many pro mod builds that have gone as fast as 3.70 in the 1/8 mile.

Call Lastor Race Cars today to have the best chassis team do your next build.


Taylor Lastor:

Taylor known mainly for his engine building abilities, also is a key part of the chassis business, chassis R&D and setup. Taylor has driven countless drag cars, designed suspension and chassis and also setup racecars for tweny years plus.
With experience in driving and crew chiefing F-body racecars, Super mod, Pro Stock, Outlaw 10.5, Pro Mod blown and nitrous and even dragster chassis tuning. Taylor has thousands of runs R&D' four link setups, weight percentages and shock/spring valving's.

This makes LRC have experience on and off the track like no other shop. As many people know, building the racecar is one thing but having real experience on setups with real world track experience is a must for the advanced racer.

Taylor has also served at the highest level of chassis tuning as crew chief for multiple NHRA Pro Stock teams: Larry Nance, JR Carr, Fernando Cuadra, Mark Beuring, Danny Gruninger, and even his own pro stock team with Dick Maskin of DART. Giving the guys at Lastor race cars a real advantage.

Shop mission statement:

Lastor Race Cars was started by racers to provide a service of building and modifying drag race cars for racers who wanted a product better than their competition. Everyone at LRC is dedicated to helping racers get exactly what they need to out perform their

LRC offers quality that is second to none on the smallest jobs to the largest projects. Unlike much of our competition, LRC will give you a complete estimate before the work is performed and will stick to there quotes 100%. At LRC we know the value of your dollar, we have all worked hard for our racecars to and cant afford to build them twice either. Give LRC the oppurtunity to build you what you need right the first time, to out perform your competition at a price you can afford.


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